We run a class for young children with Special Educational Needs at Glory-Be Nursery School, Buwenda. Many of the children have previously been excluded from education or deemed unable to learn. We offer children an accommodating environment, free from stigma, that supports each child’s individual needs. Children learn in fun, interactive ways, using plenty of hands on resources.


Our skilled teachers and teaching assistants provide opportunities for children to develop

  • communication and language skills
  • independence, personal safety and self-awareness
  • practical self-care skills
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • co-ordination and control
  • basic numeracy and literacy skills in line with the Ugandan nursery learning framework

We provide children with a cup of porridge each day helping to nourish and support their development.


Many of the children we help have a developmental or learning delay as a result of sickness in infancy but with the right support have been able to catch up and learn alongside their peers. So far our graduates have either gone on to mainstream nursery / primary classes or we have secured sponsors for them to attended one of Uganda’s few SEN primary classes.

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