Glory Be Nursery was established by Buwenda Women in Action, a grass roots Community Based Organisation, to provide early years education for some of the poorest children in the area. Glory Be is integral to the running of our SEN project as it provides a mainstream environment as a platform for inclusion, which helps to educate the children and wider community on the subject of disability and diminish the stigma surrounding disability.

Some of the 200 odd children who attend the nursery are orphans and most of them are living in poverty or have been identified as vulnerable. Glory Be Nursery and SEN class started from a temporary wooden building. In 2012 SSF built a permanent brick building on land gifted by the community.  Since then we have continued to make significant improvements to the learning environment, subsidise staff wages, provide high quality learning resources and a cup of daily porridge.

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Why Nursery Education Is Important in Uganda:

Nursery in Uganda is classroom and academic based; it is more comparable to UK infant classes.

Although in Uganda there is a policy of free primary education for all, in reality many children struggle to attend school as they cannot meet the cost of school maintenance fees, uniform and school requirements; government schools are often many kilometers away. The Ugandan Government support nursery education and request all parents to send their children to nursery. However, since there is no government funding for nursery schools, most parents cannot afford the fees that a quality nursery needs to charge without subsidy in order to maintain it’s standards. A sad reality is that for many of the children who attend Glory Be Nursery this will be the only formal education they receive.

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